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Anywhere, Anytime: Easy Teacher Planning with our Google Slides Teacher Planner

In a classroom that is ever changing, being planned and organized is crucial to the success of teachers. When I say success, I mean less anxiety and stress for you with the ease of moving from lesson to lesson. We are two teachers who love all things organizing and planning. We have over 25 years of teaching experiences combined, therefore we understand the challenges and joys of teaching. When we decided to introduce digital planning to our shop, the idea of moving from paper and pen to digital was really scary. But when we reflected on our own day to day planning and teaching, our Google Drive was a huge part of our day. So, we felt that if we could create a planner that connects all of our resources to our day to day plans, it would make life so much easier. Saving the day by bringing all of our slides, documents and communication to one place.

Access your Google Slides Teacher Planner Anywhere, Anytime

Our Google Slides teacher planner was born and let me tell you, it is a game changer in the classroom. Not only does it allow you to plan from your desktop at school, but it seamlessly syncs to your drive allowing you to use your planner across ALL of your devices. Not that we recommend planning on your phone, but you have the option to easily open your drive and access your planner right to remind you of a lesson, access a file, or note an observation.

Accessing the Ecosystem of Google with your Google Slides Teacher Planner

With the ability to access the larger Google ecosystem, you can effortlessly link resources from your Google Drive directly to your planner. This means you can hyperlink slides, documents and even your google classroom all to one place. No more searching through your drive for files, it’s all right there for you. With this also comes effortless collaboration with others. You can share your entire Google Slides teacher planner or just a single page, allowing others to access and contribute to your plans. This also means that if you need to make plans for a replacement teacher, you can share your planner with linked files right to your substitute with ease. Making a seamless transition for your students and hours saved for you.

Why Choose Our Google Slides Teacher Planner?

  • Tailored for Teachers: Designed by teachers, for teachers, every element of the planner is created with educational needs in mind.

  • Fully Customizable: Modify and personalize your planner with digital stickers, a large variety of layouts to choose from, and more to make it uniquely yours.

  • Eco-friendly: Digital planning reduces paper waste, contributing to an environmentally friendly teaching approach.

  • Year to Year Planning: You can easily copy and paste your links to your next year's planner, saving you hours of planning time in the future.

In our over 25 years of teaching, we've learned that a good plan is the foundation of effective teaching. That’s why we've poured our passion for education and organization into crafting these planners for you. Our Google Slides Teacher Planner is more than just a tool; it's a must haves in the classroom.

Start transforming your teaching today with a planner designed to meet the challenges of modern education. Embrace the flexibility, convenience, and collaboration that our Google Slides Teacher Planner brings. Visit our shop to learn more and begin your journey to organized teaching success!

Check out a brief overview of our Google Slides Teacher Planner!

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